Talk about timing. Naughty Dog and SCE must have been waiting for my review, because the ink barely had time to dry on yesterday’s post before they announced The Last of Us: Part 2. The announcement was one of the main stories coming out of Sony’s PS4 convention this weekend gone, and was accompanied by a fairly lengthy trailer.

The Last of Us was pretty much a perfect game, and its ending was a big part of that. T. and I recently discussed how Naughty Dog might approach a sequel, and I thought they would basically have to move away from the story and characters of the first game. That’s not what they’re doing, though. One of the problems with this approach is that hearing any details whatsoever about the sequel involves major spoilers for the first game, and that includes watching the trailer. You have been warned: hurry up and play it, or else.

The trailer itself is pretty cool as far as it goes, but then trailers aren’t always exactly a reliable indicator of final quality. A big part of why people are somewhat worried about the prospect of The Last of Us: Part 2 is not just that Naughty Dog might produce an inferior or poor game per se, but that in doing so they might tarnish the legacy of the first–which, as I mentioned in my review, is generally regarded as one of the best games ever made.

Lead writer Neil Druckmann has asked fans to “trust us”, and I guess that’s all anyone can do. As far as the actual content of the game goes, he’s said if the first one was about love, then this one will be about hate–which is neither particularly helpful nor particularly reassuring. The trailer certainly sets up a tale of vengeance. One way or another, we’ll only know once the game is released, which probably won’t be for a couple of years yet. Here’s hoping Naughty Dog and SCE do justice to the world and the characters they created.