I’ve never been very interested in Peter Molyneux’s games. About the only one I played was Fable 2, which was fine but nothing very memorable. From what I do remember, it’s the only game I’ve played where your character can catch an STD. Otherwise Molyneux’s games always passed me by, but I have been aware almost for as long as I’ve played games that the games media always seemed to have something of a fixation with him. This was a mystery to me which was solved following last year’s controversy around Molyneux and his ‘Godus’ project. Basically he has a knack for self-publicizing, and talking up his games, which of course suits games writers desperate for copy as well. It came to a head last year following the Godus fiasco and a very lengthy interview with Rock Paper Shotgun with which Molyneux clearly remains unhappy. But an earlier article by Kotaku would seem to support the general picture painted by that interview.

After that RPS interview came out, Molyneux said that he would not speak to the press again. Well, a year later and Molyneux is now all over the games media again. I find him and his games to be completely uninteresting, personally, but this says more about the games journalism industry, in my view. It just feels like an opportunity for cynical games journalists to get more clicks by parading this guy who can not help courting attention and talking about himself and his games, even when the best thing is to say nothing and get on with it.

I don’t want to link to the articles I have in mind but they’re pretty easy to find if you can be bothered. Rock Paper Shotgun briefly covered the release of ‘Godus Wars’, a Godus spin-off, last week. People can draw their own conclusions.